Sunday, January 18, 2015

The View: ABC Studios Visit

Just the other day I scored tickets to go watch " The View" live at their studio and i was psyched even though i had never seen the show before. I still wanted to go cause it was live tv and I knew Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O'donnell would be there. I took 3 of my friends along with me and the show was better than i expected it to be. All the hosts were hilarious, I LOVED IT! And their special guest was gorgeous.

Joshua Sasse

Well anyways, we had a blast but unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pics during the show with your phone, only with an actual camera and of course thats the day i decide not to carry my camera cause a phone is much more practical. ugh. We still got some pics but not the artists, only the set and us lol


Friday, December 19, 2014

Walker Stalker Con NY/NJ 2014

 On December 13th & 14th I had one of the best times ever! I got to work and be a part of the Walking Dead convention!  I gained so many new awesome memories and experiences. I can't really say much about it, you just have to see for yourself. So here are some pics I got and the YouTube video I made. I wasn't able to get many pictures because I was working with Chandler Riggs the whole day and got to meet the rest of the cast only on my time off. Even though they were standing right next to me most of the time. I still had a blast!

Video of me meeting The Walking Dead Cast  ( click on this link to watch my video)

Monday, September 1, 2014

Magic! Concert

On Friday August 29 I attended the Magic concert! Yes once again another concert! My friends always claim I go to a concert every single day lol whichever isn't true. I go more than usual but not all the time. This time I went cause I won tickets and I decided to take my best friend along, who had been away for a month. 
Of course we went early and got a good spot. Like always I recorded the whole concert and the band was really good( here's the video:  , also subscribe to my channel for more videos of shows and events if you want) Although I must admit I was not familiar with all of their songs but, once "Rude" came on, the real party started. After the show my friend and I went to explore the place and found a nice room with a red couch and decided to have a photo shoot. Check it out: 

Let's not forget the actual reason for this whole post haha , THE CONCERT!

Also some pics from after the show of Magic! And not just me lol

They weren't able to stop for pics with every single one so they just took group pics with both sides and told us to send each other the picture.
Once he lead singer got in the van, people went up to him and he decided to take pics with people by sticking his head out the window since his driver was not in the car yet. Of course it being me, I saw that opportunity and quickly went to attempt to get a selfie and can you guess what happened ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????



We'll I got it!!! Yeesssss! My friend wasn't able to get one but at least her reflection showed up on my selfie. 
We were cracking up once we noticed!

Monday, August 18, 2014

If I Stay NYC Premiere

Today was the If I Stay premiere in NYC starring ChloĆ« Grace Moretz and Jamie Blackley. Unfortunately I didn't get to watch the movie today. Apparently only people who had tickets could get in, which I have no clue how they got. I thought it would be like other premieres where the first 100 or so people to arrive get to go in. But it's all good because I got a pic with the beautiful Chloe Grace Moretz. I tried getting a pic with Jamie Blackley but he was rushed. I got the pic with Chloe when she entered the theatre. When they were leaving the theatre, Jamie Blackley came out first and people gathered all up on the entrance leaving the side exit door all clear. And guess what? That's the door Chloe came out from and ran straight to her car. Everyone was shocked but oh well. They tricked everyone who was anxiously waiting for her to come out through the main door. Still I was happy I got my picture. It was a good day after all. That's how all premieres are, it's a risk, you may or may not meet the actors. The pictures I took weren't that good because I was more concerned in getting my pic with Chloe because everything was so quick but I was still able to capture some moments with my camera and here they are. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014


Don't know how to explain all these feelings I have right now. Just 2 days ago, on Friday August 1, 2014, I went to see Enrique Iglesias on Good Morning America and took a picture with him. OMG!
Like I knew he was loved by many girls and that he was a good looking but oh my I never knew he was absolutely gorgeous. All those pictures out there of him don't do justice to his beauty in person. I think i fell in love a bit. He was so amazing. His voice was perfect. 
Also we built this mini Enrique for a contest they were having and everyone loved it. Our mini Enrique was the second star on the show that day, after the real Enrique Iglesias of course!  I took all the performance pictures of enrique on stage myself with my Nikon p510. Was really glad how they came out.

 Watch my little adventure video at the Enrique Iglesias concert: