Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Wanted Concert ft AJR Brothers & Midnight Red

Let me start with OMG!! I had the best time ever and I just wish I could go back to that day.
This was my second time seeing The Wanted and this time i had double the fun for some reason. I sang along like crazyyy to all of their songs. I was hoping to have the chance to meet them and take a picture but it wasn't possible cause they left right away to go to the UK. Still I got to meet other awesome people, such as the opening act of the opening act and the manager of The Wanted. AJR brothers were one of the opening acts and they were so good, I usually don't fall in love with bands that easily but I couldn't resist with them. Their songs are catchy and they are adorable.
The other opening act was Midnight Red and they also were really good.
Now here come the pics, I wasn't able to take that many good pics because everyone was jumping up and down including me so the pics came out blurry but there are some good ones so here they are.

Midnight Red

The Wanted's manager, Nano. 

AJR Brothers

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Where have I been?!?! Mini update on my life!

Hey guys!!! Omg it's been so long. I've been so busy and stressed out with work, SAT, and picking out colleges. I'm still not done but I at least am free right now and decided to write because I miss it.
The first news is that I got a job at a clothing store. I went to a job interview for the first time by the end of August and got the job, it felt so good 
Today I took my second SAT and I think I did better than the last time. Let's just keep our fingers crossed and hope I actually did much better this time.

Also something I'm really excited about is that I will be attending a " The Wanted" concert this month, like next week I believe . Can't wait!!!! 
I've always wanted to go to one of their concerts but something always came up and I never ended up buying tickets, but not this time oh yeahh.
Actually no, I'm lying! I did see them a year ago at Central Park. Still I  wanted to see them more but wasn't able to.
Here are some pics of last summer :

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Liebster Award

Heyy Everyone

Today i got nominated for the Liebster Award. When i saw " Hi Cynthia, I have nominated you for the Liebster award", I was like whaaaaaaaaaat?! 

I had no clue what it was but the word award was part of it so i was pretty darn excited. I felt special, like a celebrity. 

After looking it up on Google  I was able to find out what this is all about. It's a chain where bloggers answer the questions their nominator has provided them with and after that they go and make up 11 questions of their own and tag 11 other bloggers to answer their questions. (These bloggers have to be people who have less than 200 followers supposedly).
I think this is a really great idea. I absolutely love it!! It's a great opportunity for bloggers to get to know each other and maybe gain some new readers for their blogs. 
The fact that the word " award " is incorporated makes it special and it fits well with this concept because it is absolutely a winning matter to get to meet new bloggers.

Without further or due here are the questions I was nominated to answer by the lovely Jessica .

1) Are you a spender or a saver?
I'm gonna go with saver. Well really it depends. When I'm with my parents I like to spend a bit more but not extremely. And when I'm alone I definitely limit myself to buying only one thing.

2) Dream career/ job ?
   Become a singer and actress.

3) What is your favorite make-up brand?
  I don't have one in particular. I own a variety of make up brands. But a big number of my makeup is from maybeline.

4) Name a fashion faux pas you have made or witnessed?
Okay I have to be honest, I didn't know what this meant so I had to google it. From recent research I would have to say a fashion faux I've witnessed are the huge and bulky earrings. There are some earrings that are big and cute but the ones I have pictured in my head are not.

5) Who is your role model and why?

My cousin, who's name is Liz. She so far has been successful in everything she has striven for. She's a really brave person. She was able to move to a completely  different country( meaning new culture, language, and people) but she was strong enough to do it and be successful at it. 

6) Are you more of a flats or a heels kind-of-girl?

Definitely flats. There are so many cute flat shoes and they are comfortable so I love it.

7) You've got only one hour to spend with a celebrity, who would you hang out with?

Dylan O'brien. He just seems to be so funny,sweet and nerdy. I like to hangout with jokesters, everything is just so much awesome.

8) What has been the best advice you have received or could give?

Don't ever loose hope when things get complicated. Be strong enough to move on either with it or without it. Once you move pass it you'll realize it really wasn't that big of a deal after all.

9) Do you prefer savoury or sweet?

10) What is your biggest achievement so far?

Visiting the place where all dreams come true, Disneyland. And visiting MachuPicchu, one of the 7 wonders of the world. Not sure if these are exactly achievements but still I'll consider them achievements for now. 

11) If you could choose anywhere in the world to move to, where would it be?

This is difficult to answer since there are many places I would like to go to but not sure if I would like living there. I am used to the American lifestyle, so I guess I would still like to live in the USA but maybe in a different state such as California or Florida.

Now here are my 11 questions for you, my nominees:

1) What has been your most embarrassing moment?
2) Who is your favorite band/ singer ?
3) Who's your celebrity crush?
4) What is your favorite quote?
5) What is your favorite show/shows?
6) What is the one place you can't wait to  visit?
7)When the time comes  and you fall deeply in love. How do you want to be proposed to?
8)Do you like to read? If so what is your favorite book?
9) What is one super power you would like to have?
10) How many languages do you know?
11) Who is your favorite tv/movie couple?

Here's an extra question: Why did you start your blog? 

My nominees 
• Krystal - Heart of a Star
• Naana - Uniquely Girly
• Rachelle - Beloved Bluebird
•Mandy - Mandy Shares Life

I'm sorry I don't have 11 nominees but it was just very difficult to find bloggers who hadn't already been nominated. Since I have no doubt there are many awesome bloggers out there I just can't seem to find, why don't you go ahead and answer the questions? I NOMINATE YOU, ALL OF YOU!
Leave me the links to the post if you do.

Once again thanks for reading 
Lots of love
- Cynthia ♡

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cali + BFF's = Total Awesomeness

Okay I am super Super excited. "Why???", you may ask yourself ( or maybe you didn't ask)
Still I'll tell you, well next summer as a graduation gift/celebration I will be going to California. 

Okay Yo estoy extremamente emocionada. "Por qué?" Te preguntara ( o derrepente no te preguntes)
Igual te lo diré, bueno el próximo verano, como un regalo/celebración de mi graduación, estaré llendo a California.

I've never been to Cali before and I know it is definitely a place I must visit eventually.  So what better way than to go with my best friends who I love and cherish so much. 
This is something we have been thinking of since last year but it was just a thought. Just recently though we came to the agreement that we MUST  make this happen and not just let it be an idea.
I know we will have a blast because that's just what we do. We are adventurous people who make the most out of life. Every time we go somewhere together we make unforgettable/ amazing memories, so I can't wait to make much more memories with them on this California adventure.

Nunca he ido a California, y se que es definitivamente un lugar que debo visitar tarde o temprano. Así qué, qué mejor manera de ir que con mis mejores amigas a las que quiero y estimo tanto.
Esto es algo que hemos estado pensando desde el año pasado pero sólo era una idea. Ahora hace poco vinimos al acuerdo de que esto era algo que TENEMOS que hacer realidad y no dejarlo ser sólo una idea.
Yo se que la pasaremos de maravilla. Nosotras somos personas aventureras que hacemos lo mejor de nuestras vidas. Cada vez que vamos a algún lugar juntas, creamos memorias increíbles/ inolvidables, así que no puedo esperar a crear muchas más memorias con ellos en esta aventura a California.           


Thanks for reading. Lots of love xoxo

Gracias por leer xoxo (Trate lo mas que pude en taducir en español.Derrepente no sea lo mejor pero espero que puedan entender. Decidi traducir porque vi que habian personas viendo mi blog de paises donde se habla  español. Avisenme si quieren que continue traduciendo)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Celebrity Girl Crushes ♡♡♡

Alrighty then folks today I want to talk about my celebrity girl crushes. I don’t really know if these are crushes or not but they are close enough. I don’t have a huge list or anything for celebrity girls
(celebrity guys??, that's a whole different story) but here are a few.





Selena is a definite in my list. She is absolutely gorgeous and has a great sense of style. It is safe to say that I have looked her up online not only once or twice but something like a million times. I love to look up candid photos of her. Especially since those are more casual outfits that I can gain some inspiration from. Still I also love looking at her other fancier outfits and definitely her performing outfits as well. Another feature of hers I like is her hair. OMG ahhhh I wish I had her hair, it is always so flawless, of course I know its all thanks to her stylists but still I want it.






Shay Shay Shay Shay Shay Shay……..First of all she is absolutely gorgeous and following that she plays Emily Fields on “Pretty Little Liars”(one of my favorites TV shows of all time ). She sure gets double points for that. I didn’t really stalk Shay on the web like Selena but I did get some inspiration from her in regarding my hair. I got an ombre thanks to her which I no longer have , but when I did, I really liked it and got many compliments (or maybe people were just being nice?). Also I love her own personal style and Emily Fields’ too.





I fell in love with Saoirse when I saw her in “The Host”. I had already seen her before in “Lovely Bones” and “Hanna”, but I wasn’t  interested in her back then just yet.
In order for me to love an actress or actor I have to fall in love with the character they play first. Once they get my attention there, I gain interest in the actor/actress itself. 
Also something else that caught my attention was her name, it’s unique and I love unique names. 
Apart from that,she is SOOO stunning it bothers me. Especially those blue eyes of hers. When they enhanced her eyes on 
" The Host", i was super duper jealous, I wanted to be part of the movie just to have those beautiful blue eyes.


Lily-Collins2 (1)Lcollins270911_gl_21aug12_spl_b



Last but not least the beautiful Lily Collins. Lily is a big reason  I want my hair to grow out long( actually longer than it already is).Her hair is flawless and so natural looking, I love it. Apart from that I adore her street style. I can see myself wearing most of her clothing.

Well amigos, those were my celebrity girl crushes. Why don’t you tell me yours? 

PS: Thanks for reading xoxo

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


So today i just wanted to talk about The Host. I just recently saw the movie and I absolutely loved it. I didn't expect it to be that good. I saw the trailer but it didn't really tell me much about the story which was great( or maybe I wasn't paying close attention to it).
 When I first saw the trailer I thought it was going to be like another Bella,Edward and Jacob love
triangle since I saw the same girl kissing 2 guys but it ended up being not that. The story i believed was great and the actors were absolutely amazing. Another thing I loved about this movie was the ending and the inclusion of the song Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. Ahhhhh I love that song and it was the best way of ending a movie. Actually you guys should listen to that song while reading this post, it just makes everything more magical.
 Radioactive - Imagine Dragons ( click on the link if you want)
Saoirse Ronan played the main role and she was absolutely stunning and perfect for the role.

Saoirse Ronan
19 years old ( April 12, 1994)
Then comes Max Irons who apart from being good looking, did a great job at playing the role of Jared.

Max Irons
Max Irons
27 years old (October 17, 1985)
Last but not least, my favorite one, Jake Abel who plays Ian O'Shea. The reason I love him so much is because of the personality his character Ian has. So its safe to say I love Ian more than Jake. 

Jake Abel
25 years old ( November 18, 1987)
Thanks to the film, I am pretty sure I will end up reading the book once I finish reading another series of books I'm currently on.  To anyone who hasn't seen the movie I definitely recommend it. There is action,drama,sadness( I'm pretty sure this is not an official category but you get the point, Its sad), and romance.

To everyone else who has already seen the movie, read the book, or just doesn't care about spoilers can read ahead.  
---------------------------------------- Disclaimer: Spoiler alert--------------------------------------------

So now comes my true explanation of why I love Ian more than Jared. Although I'm pretty sure Jared is a sweetheart, there wasn't really much showing of it since the love story between Melanie and Jared already existed before the movie even began. In the movie we can see Jared being very romantic and everything but only in brief flashback so I wasn't able to enjoy it much. And when we do see him in the present he is really mean to Melanie/ Wanda ( it was reasonable to be mad but still it hurt to see him being mean). On the other hand we can see Ian being a sweetheart although at first he did try to kill Wanda, but oh well throughout  the rest of the movie he makes up for that. 
At the very beginning of Ian and Wanda's relationship, it was really frustrating to think of their future as a couple being at risk since Wanda was in Melanie's body. Still I shipped them both a lot , because they were so sweet and loving. I shipped them more than Jared and Melanie obviously because we were able to see their relationship grow from the beginning , which is something I always like to be part of when watching a movie or reading a book. Also I couldn't be more happy when Wanda got her own body, giving her the opportunity to continue loving Ian.

Ian and Wanda/Melanie
Still after everything I can't deny that Jared and Melanie were also a very cute couple. Just those little few glimpses of them together were breathtaking, especially their dancing and kiss in the rain.( I'm obsessed with kisses in the rain)

Melanie and Jared