Sunday, July 27, 2014

Reading is dreaming with eyes open

Reading is not my passion or anything but I do enjoy reading a good book once in a while. 
Trust me, when I get into a book I'll barely let the book down until I finish it. I can get so hooked up into a book and I love that feeling. 
The first book that I actually read for fun and got really into was the Twilight series. I read all four books and loved it. I got so into it, I would finish the books in less than 2 weeks. 
The second book I read was Cique Du Freak and am still reading the series. There like 12 books in total I believe but they aren't long. But I really like them. 

I just realized right now.. I read books after watching the movie. If I like a movie and find out it came from a book, I'll read it and read the series also. 

The fault in our stars I actually read before watching the movie because I would see a picture of the book everywhere so I decided to find out what the book was about. 

I'm not good at choosing books to read so I always go by other people's recommendations.
So if you come across this post and have any good books in mind for me to read, I would really appreciate it if you let me know in the comments section below. Thanks 

                        ❃ ❁ ❂

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lazy Days aka Movie Day

Do you have those days in which all you feel like doing is lay down and don't give a care about the world? .... Well I do , and during those days the one thing I force myself to do( and later enjoy) is watch movies. 
I'm sort of the experimental person when it comes to movies. I'll try to make a good judgement out of the description and movie cover and decide to watch. I've seen many movies, obviously not all, but throught out my movie watching journey I was able to come across really good enjoyable movies. So if you ever have one of those days where all you feel like doing is  eat and watch movies, here are some I would recommend. 

1) The revenge of the bridesmaids (2010)

2) A little bit of Heaven 

3) Cruel Intentions ( 1999)

4) Beauty and the Briefcase (2010)

5) Something Borrowed (2011)

6) When in Rome (2010)

7) He's just not that into you (2009)

8) You Again (2010)

9) Penelope (2006)

10) Pride and Prejudice (2005)

11) The Princess Diaries ( 2001)

11) Listen to your Heart ( 2010)

13) A Walk To Remember (2002)

There are many many more but I just can't quite remember them... 
Still watch one of these ,if you haven't already, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. 

Also I would love to hear some of your favorite movies and some movie suggestions pleaseee

                         ❃ ❁ ❂

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Rain : Annoying or Inspiring?

Inspiring for sure. Most girls hate the rain cause it ruins their hair , makeup, etc. Others hate it cause it ruins their plans of going out and expect it to be a depressing day. Unfortunately rain is given the reputation of being depressing but to me it's the whole opposite. People think they have to stay in when it rains but I say NO to that. Why not go outside and enjoy it. I understand getting wet at all times is not the smartest thing because you could get sick . But once in a while it's not a bad idea. If getting wet isn't your thing, then go out with an umbrella  and listen to the calming sound of the rain. There is something about the rain that just gives me this positive energy and vibe. It brings me joy and piece of mind. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this but if you're one of those people who are not big fans of the rain,
I dare you! Next time it rains go out and sing, dance, have fun!!!  

                           ❃ ❁ ❂

Friday, July 11, 2014

The World Cup

The final game is almost upon us. This Sundaaaaayyyy!!!  I can't believe the games are about to be over. I have developed an attachment to the World Cup and I'm getting emotional now, but every good thing must come to an end right? 
Well still it's not over yet so I'm really excited for the upcoming games: 

Saturday 07/12/14
Brazil vs Argentina for 3rd place 

Sunday 07/13/14 
Germany vs Argentina!!!! Competing for 1st place!!!!! 

I wanted to add the fact that I didn't watch the games for the full purpose of  the good looking soccer players haha I actually watched the games cause of my interest in soccer. 
Still what type of girl would I be if I didn't check out the good looking soccer players. 

Here are some of my 2014 FIFA World Cup crushes :

1) Antoinne Griezmann - France 

2) Mats Hammels - Germany 

3) Manuel Nueur - Germany 

These guys I personally had a spark with, they were not the only good looking guys in the games but these were my special guys.
Of course I believe the all time favorites of the soccer games were these 2: 
I saw so many post on these 2 particular guys.
•James Rodriguez - Colombia 


• Neymar Jr - Brazil 

❃ ❁ ❂

Thursday, July 10, 2014

College Time!!!!! Scared/nervous/excited!

So here it is. The time most high school seniors have been desperately waiting for...... COLLEGE!
College is so anticipated by most because it is a new environment, it introduces you to new people,  it is a place where new experiences and memories are made, and it is a place where all the best PARTIES go on.  Of course it is also a time to work really hard and be dedicated to your studies. 

Most College graduates remember attending college as one of the best moments ever. Maybe it's because they have already graduated and are now ready and set to go into the real world, and all those many days of dedicated studying are behind them.

To the newcomers, college is a time to make wise life changing decisions. Decisions that will determine what your future will be like. That is the part I least look forward to. It seems like a lot of high school seniors by the time they graduate have in mind what career to pursue while there's this other portion of the senior class ( which would include me) that has no clue :/ 
Thinking about courses to take and what to specialize can be quite stressful. I'm about to start college this fall and I didn't have a clue what I wanted to do so I just applied to any college and decided to enroll in any college with a good reputation. 

Just recently I have made a decision of what career I would love to pursue and apparently my college doesn't offer it. This is where the stressing out part comes in place. It's too late to apply to other colleges to be able to attend this fall so I had to make the decision to just go to the college I'm currently enrolled in, wait to finish my freshman year and see if I am still striving to pursue the career I have in mind which is sport/entertainment/event management.
If I do not change my mind then I am thinking of transfering to a different college.
For now I do not want to think about it and just go on with the original plan of attending my current college and just be a dedicated/hard working student.

 Putting everything aside, I'm actually really excited for college. Especially the moving in day. I will be dorming  and can't wait to see how that will turn. Time to go buy stuff for my dorm and look for ideas on how to decorate it.  

Monday, July 7, 2014

Living Life to the Fullest

Hello no one hahaha
I don't know why, but I've decided to come back and write about something today. I remember mentioning before that I would only blog when I was really willing to and it wasn't something I would force myself to do ( not that anyone cares lol )
But I'm very glad ( every time I say "I'm very glad" I like to add a little bit of a British accent to it) and excited to write today. So a lot of stuff have happened since the last time I was here. Let me make a list : 

1) I graduated high school
2) I've developed a new hobby of going to movie premieres 😁
3)I've met quite a few celebrities
4)I've traveled to a few places 
5) and of course gone to more concerts

There are so many more pictures that I should probably post separately and write a mini story about each event cause every event I have went to has just been AMAZING!!!  
Life has been so great! 

Quote of the day: 

Love it!!! 😃😃😃